Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fire alarm triggered by P5000 heat xchanger on 7/13/13

Update from Jim & Cesar:

-Fire alarm was cleared.
-It was the p5000etch heat exchanger line that blew, so this is down now.
-The gases have been reset, except for the new HBr which seems to have 
an exhaust error.
-Oxygen has been a problem to reset.  Jim tried 3 times before the 
excess flow switch stayed open.  It might be worth asking Air Products 
about this.
-Lab activities were very light (probably because the ASML is down.)

Monday morning, we'll do a run through of what happened and any follow 
up tasks in our lab update meeting.  Many thanks to Jim and Cesar for 
taking care of things on the scene and John for coaching.


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