Friday, August 16, 2013

Fwd: [labmembers] Fire Alarm Cleared

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Subject: [labmembers] Fire Alarm Cleared
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2013 01:24:19 -0700
From: Mary Tang <>

Dear labmembers --    Around 10:45 pm Thursday evening, the general building fire alarm went   off.  (And I understand everyone evacuated the lab and building as you   were trained - thank you!)  The Palo Alto Fire department responded, but   found no emergency situation.  So, they reset the alarm and cleared the   building for re-entry.  It is not clear yet exactly what happened, but   appears not to involve the lab and we were assured the building was safe.    When a fire alarm goes off for any reason, for safety reasons, all toxic   gases automatically shut off.  With a few exceptions, these have been   reset (please check Badger for those exceptions.)  Also, until about 1   am, there was little or no oxygen or hydrogen flow -- so if you were   using a system requiring either of these gases between 10:45 pm - 1 am,   please check your wafers before continuing to process.  And if you   encounter a machine problem, please note on badger.    Apologies for the inconvenience.  The maintenance crew will be in bright   and early to clean things up.    Mary    --   Mary X. Tang, Ph.D.  Stanford Nanofabrication Facility  Paul G. Allen Bldg 141, Mail Code 4070  Stanford, CA  94305  (650)723-9980    _______________________________________________  labmembers mailing list  

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  1. On investigation by the Stanford Fire Alarm shop, last night's alarm appears to have been triggered by a faulty smoke detector mount. This is being repaired now.